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The Brazoria Lanyard is a beefed up, circular designed lanyard that is built for bulk. whether you have a large assortment of calls or just like a bigger lanyard, this one is for you. This lanyard will come with a limit of FOUR colors of your choice and however many call drops you would like. 

The Brazoria Lanyard

  • Limit of four colors (which we recommend sticking with just two good contrasting colors). Spirals are to be one sinlge color and drop accents to be one single color. 

    *Please list a primary color you want the lanyard to have and which one you would like the accent color or the secondary color to be. BE SPECIFIC!

    i.e. (I would like the lanyard to be mostly black with camo mixed in and blaze orange accents with all black drops). By listing a blaze orange accent color, this will have your spirals and the drop slips in orange. The rest of the lanyard will be mostly black and camo with black drops. 

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